Greetings Charles!

Below are links and brief descriptions to a few repo's that I am proud of, and had a lot of fun working through.

dblodorn/fetch-json-webpack-plugin / Description in Repo, this was a good opportunity to really dig into the inner workings of webpack - beyond configuring a build setup, interestingly there are millions of articles on creating a hello world config - and very little documentation or more general information on how to actually create your own plugins to solve specific tasks, so I ended up picking through as many applicable webpack plugin repo's as I could find, and learned quite a bit in the process.

dblodorn/trojan/ / Recent experiments with usage of React as the more conventional user interface layer, and then doing more specialized animations in canvas, webgl, etc. (paper.js). I'm using Redux to bridge state between the two technologies. Super simple examples, In the trojan site (still in development) the video popup is in react, the floating thumbnail is in canvas, I use the animation loop to subscribe to and change redux state... applicable to graphing in something like D3... Trojan site

dblodorn/today-v1 / This one was fun, but more importantly played with websockets (, pm2, express, and chron tasks in Node.js - configured the server, etc... more than meets the eye.

Experiment with super minimal front end Framework Hyperapp / css in js / I'm always looking for a lightweight alternative to react - that has the same straight javascript feel as React does, Hyperapp is interesting in that i was able to accomplish a lot of basic ui code - including pretty cool css in js akin to styled components for react - with a final bundle size that was microscopic compared to your typical react bundle containing the same amount of boilerplate components.

A theme that i've been thinking deeply about is how I can programmatically alter the layout, styling of the front end through data... reactive styling. I think the concepts could be really cool applied to personalized dashboards, skinning UI components based on market segments, user interaction feedback etc. This is an artists website - he wanted the design "to be decided by god" - just the beginning - but we aim to randomize every aspect of the user interface, the content is pretty straight forward. Website, Repo.

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Selected Projects

Below is a selection of client projects, most of which I did both design and development on. This is meant to illustrate a range of projects that i have enjoyed executing on - and display my engagement with the crossover between aesthetic / design and development / technical thinking.