Hey Funkaus:

Below is a collection of my web work. A lot of variety here, but am leading with projects that seem to fit your trajectory as an agency.

I've been doing full service design / development for a while now, and collaborate with other developers and agencies as well. Being a developer, designer and artist has allowed for a lot of variety in projects. I love doing it all, am able to work with very loose art direction when the design is not my own, and am able to jump in on a (well organized) code base pretty easily.

On the front end I work mostly with javascript. My preferred UI framework is Vue.js / Nuxt.js, although have worked quite a bit with React.js. The pattern I most often work with has been headless Wordpress for the CMS w/ a static site generated off a JS frontend framework. I've been rolling my own themes for Wordpress, and developed a Webpack plugin to fully isolate the production front end from the Wordpress installation, in the interest of security & stability. Shopify is my top choice for e-commerce projects.

Additionally I am fluent with managing servers, cloud infrastructure, databases, CI systems, etc. The ecosystem I have been working with for a few years now comprises Digital Ocean, Netlify, KeyCdn, and have been starting to utilize cloud databases such as faunaDb in tandem with the serverless functions Netlify has on offer. While fluent in AWS, Zeit's suite of products, etc. I've formed preferences through experience, but am always on the lookout for new tech to work with.

Look forward to chatting, it's always great to sync up with fellow designers / developers! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Agency / Commercial Art Portfolios etc.

Brochureware for agencies and commercial art industry clients, startups, etc.

Music Industry.

Enjoy working with a variety of players in the industry from artists, management companies, labels and music advisors.

Gallery & Artist Portfolio Projects

Below is a selection of projects I have worked on both the visual design and technical development of.

Non commercial work / collaborations.

Along with keeping an art practice, I am always working on a variety of non client oriented work, and enjoy collaborating with other like-minded creatives.