Hello GEMS!

Im a Designer & Developer based in Pasadena. I do a lot of portfolio / gallery / archive related websites. A couple new projects include: https://karenomusic.com/, which Julian Gross did art direction on and i did the web development & http://bruceweber.com/, which I co-developed... and https://chelseasteiger.com/, which i did developed.

Also a few sites slated to launch soon, both of which i did design / art direction and development: https://stage.neighborhoodwatch.tv/, https://stage.brianrochefort.net/.

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Portfolio / Art Sites - Design & Development

Portfolio / Art / Photography sites I did full design and development on below.

Web Development

Portfolio / Art / Etc. sites I did development on and collaborated with designers below.

Experimental & Personal Projects

Digital art and explorations with Collaborators / Personal projects.