YO Ian!!!

I'm a Web Developer, Designer, and Artist stationed somewhere in between JPL, Art Center College of Design, the Norton Simon and Cal Tech.

I provide the following services: web / software development, user experience design, user interface design, content strategy, information architecture, branding, visual design, and art direction. I primarily work with clients in the music, fine & commercial art industries, along with film production and advertising agencies.

Favorite Work

Below is a selection of Recent Client projects with a focus on fun design, animation and user experience:

More Stuff

Digital sketches, explorations & experiments!

Agency / Art / Portfolio Sites

I collaborate with quite a few agencies and designers, and am commissioned for portfolios / archives when clients want to get out of the "Squarespace box". It's always fun collaborating with other creative people and bringing my UX / Ui and development skills to the table.

beyond online...

Participating in projects that are not exclusively digital has always been important to me, I have found that throughout the years making a variety of work in different media has had a profound influence on how i approach both problem solving and general concepts. Below are some samples of both design projects I have completed and some art that I've exhibited.

Hospitality / B -> B / Etc.

Here are a couple larger & or B>B / Business oriented projects I did mostly development & a little design on.