I'm a creative - SoCal native - that specializes in web development and design. I've been running my own studio for 4 years, but have worked in the industry since the early 2000s. I am well versed - through broad experience - in web / software development, user experience design, user interface design, content strategy, information architecture, branding, visual design, and art direction.

The opportunity to work with Patagonia would be beyond awesome! My wardrobe could attest alone to my fondness for the brand. More importantly though, growing up in rural southern California (Gaviota / Hollister Ranch) has embedded a deep reverence for nature within me. Patagonia is a brand that promotes a love for, and urgent need to respect and protect, the natural world. I would be more than ecstatic to contribute my skillset towards furthering that initiative.

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Favorite Work

Below is a selection of Recent Client projects with a focus on fun design, animation and user experience:

My Stuff

Digital sketches, explorations & experiments!

Agency / Art / Portfolio Sites

I collaborate with quite a few agencies and designers, and am commissioned for portfolios / archives when clients want to get out of the "Squarespace box". It's always fun collaborating with other creative people and bringing my UX / Ui and development skills to the table.

Hospitality / B -> B / Etc.

Here are a couple larger & or B>B / Business oriented projects I did mostly development & a little design on.

beyond online...

Participating in projects that are not exclusively digital has always been important to me, I have found that throughout the years making a variety of work in different media has had a profound influence on how i approach both problem solving and general concepts. Below are some samples of both design projects I have completed and some art that I've exhibited.