Hey Zora!

Great to meet you - I'm a creative based out of Los Angeles working primarily in Art, Design and Web Development. I collaborate with artists, galleries (traditional ones in the contemporary art space), the music industry etc. and make my own work across a lot of mediums - from traditional oil painting to net art and music.

I've been involved in web design since y2k, got my start in the experimental web design scene up in the bay area. Having had the opportunity to see the medium grow into many different creative spaces over the last 20 years has been a true source of ongoing inspiration. Keeping that drive to go further and have fun along the way doesn't take much effort.

The Crypto art and NFT space is such a fresh dimension! I'm really excited to see how it will evolve into definition and how the works can be contextualized in digital space. It would be awesome to get involved in this at the foundational level.


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Gallery & Artist Projects

Below is a selection of projects I have worked on both the visual design and technical development of.

Music Industry.

Enjoy working with a variety of players in the industry from artists, management companies, labels and music advisors.

Agency / Commercial Art Portfolios etc.

Brochureware for agencies and commercial art industry clients, startups, etc.

Special Projects

Open source projects, experimental websites, cyber sketches, collaborations and unfinished musings.